Bringing together repertoire from many diverse traditions, The Capital Hearings illuminate commonalities between songs of all styles, from all eras – and the communities that birthed them.

Our genre-busting mission unites complex jazz, transcendent global and classical music, and dynamic modern hits into a thought-provoking message. The Capital Hearings break down barriers and prompt our audiences to build new bridges of understanding.

Young Composers Competition: Southard’s “In this short Life” Takes Top Prize

The Capital Hearings announced Keane Southard ( as the winner of its 2018 Young Composers Competition. The group will premiere his piece, “In this short Life,” at its eighth annual fall concert, Worlds of Our Creation, on Saturday, Sept. 15 at Live at 10th and G. Southard’s lush work combines two short Emily Dickinson poems to create a meditation on time and the preciousness of life. The second half of the piece repeats the stanzas in reverse order, reminding listeners of time’s transience and circularity. “In setting these two short poems of Emily Dickinson, I had a strong musical idea ...
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Fall Concert 2018: Worlds of Our Creation

Hello! You see the world like no one else.

This year’s fall concert explores music that speaks to the realities and illusions of perspective: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’s “Pure Imagination,” the magnetic funk of Stevie Wonder, the seductive optimism of Duke Ellington, the incisive commentary of Ted Hearne, and the melodic nostalgia of Sara Bareilles. In The Capital Hearings’ fashion, the music spans hundreds of years, multiple languages, and showcases classical, jazz, and pop a cappella. It draws inspiration from diverse places, including the gothic deep south, the technological enthusiasm of the 1980s, the poetry of Emily Dickinson, ...
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Songwriter Showcase 2018: Con Voz

Join The Capital Hearings on Sunday, June 3rd for their second annual Songwriter Showcase: Con Voz! The Capital Hearings are partnering with 2016 Strathmore Artist-in-Residence Chris Urquiaga to bring you a high-energy, multilingual presentation of original music. The program will feature a mix of pop, jazz, and classical styles, including music written by Chris, other D.C. artists, and members of the Capital Hearings. A song written for the performance will be co-premiered by Chris in its original form and the ensemble in a new a cappella arrangement. The performance will be held at 5:00 p.m. at All Souls Episcopal Church ...
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