When The Night Is New



The Capital Hearings’ second album, When The Night Is New, continues to raise the a cappella recording bar for both quality and breadth, embracing a variety of musical styles, but always leading with the group’s clear, incisive, and passionate sound. It features our distinctive mix of pop a cappella, vocal jazz, and classical choral music: from rock legends U2 to Great American Songbook master Sammy Fain to the dissonances of Francis Poulenc, each track will expose listeners to something familiar and something new.

The album showcases the first two winners of our Young Composers competitions and several modern choral masterworks, as well as new arrangements reimagining the work of The Decemberists, Indigo Girls, and Pete Seeger, among others.

Only the physical CD includes our 20-page liner notes booklet including song descriptions and complete lyrics! You can buy the CD as a package with our first album to save money!

Liner notes booklet not included with digital download versions. License: digital downloads are DRM-free but may only be used for personal purposes and may not be distributed to others. MP3: 81MB, 220-260kbps variable. FLAC: 279MB, 16-bit lossless.