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Luke Capizzo

Bloomfield Hills, MI | Tenor

Luke joined The Capital Hearings in February 2016, and serves as the ensemble’s Communications Director.

He is an alumnus of the Michigan State University Accafellas and State Singers, and has also sung with Vanguard Voices, Steiner Chorale, and the Michigan Caroling Company. He has performed at Detroit’s Orchestra Hall, Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral, and in The White House.

Luke is pursuing a Ph.D. in Public Relations at the University of Maryland after practicing agency and advocacy PR in Michigan. He is also a former/recovering competitive figure skater and coach. When not singing, studying, or grading, he enjoys cheering on the Spartans and Detroit Tigers.

Emily Chrisman

Roanoke, VA | Soprano

Emily joined The Capital Hearings in April 2017, and currently serves as Treasurer.

She previously sang with the William & Mary Accidentals, an all-female a cappella group. As assistant director and recording manager of the Accis, she led production of their 25th anniversary album, Lipstick on the Mic.

Emily is a graduate of the College of William & Mary, having studied Marketing and Music with a concentration in orchestral conducting. She currently works in institutional giving at the Kennedy Center. Outside of music, she enjoys graphic design and perfecting her watercolor skills.


Lyndsey Gore

Sumter, SC | Alto

Lyndsey is a founding member of The Capital Hearings. She currently serves as President and box office coordinator.

She holds a master’s degree in arts administration from the University of Indiana, and previously studied music and political science at the University of South Carolina. She is currently the Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President – Operations at the Kennedy Center. She has previously worked at the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District, the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, the Washington National Opera, the Choral Arts Society of Washington, and the Washington Savoyards. She has also served on the Board of Directors of the Capital City Symphony.

Lyndsey is well-versed in wrangling people – especially singers, children, and/or singers who are acting like children. She is a South Carolina Gamecock and very proud of it.

Trey Harris

Grosse Pointe, MI | Bass

Trey joined The Capital Hearings in March 2018. Full bio and photo coming soon!

He is a former member of the UMich Dicks & Janes, and an alumnus of the Michigan Men’s Glee Club. He also performs with local choral ensemble The 18th Street Singers. He has produced three a cappella albums and previously served as a reviewer for the Recorded A Cappella Review Board.

Trey is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he majored in music and theater production.


John Hazangeles

Lancaster, PA | Tenor

John is a founding and incorporating member of The Capital Hearings, and he served as Executive Director through March 2017.

John has also been a member of The Choral Arts Society of Washington, where he served as Chorus President from 2006-2010. As a member of Choral Arts, John has been fortunate to perform at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center (New York City), the Kennedy Center and Music Center at Strathmore (Metro D.C. Area), Royal Albert Hall and St. Paul’s Cathedral (London), Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires), and at the Spoleto Festival (Umbria, Italy).

John is a graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, where he performed with the College Chorus, Chamber Singers, and F & M Players musical theater troupe. He continues to bring his significant experience in arts administration and client cultivation to The Capital Hearings.


Chrislyn Laurore

West Palm Beach, FL | Alto

Chrislyn joined the Capital Hearings in October 2016.

She previously served as music director of the Mount Holyoke Victory Eights. She was also a member of the Mount Holyoke Jazz Ensemble as well as the Five College West African Drumming Ensemble.

Chrislyn is an alumna of Mount Holyoke College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and Africana Studies with a concentation in visual culture.

Heather MacDonald

Londonderry, NH | Soprano

Heather joined The Capital Hearings in 2010. She has previously served as Treasurer and President from 2014-16.

She has previously performed with the MIT/Wellesley Toons and the Wellesley College Choir and Collegium Musicum. She also performs with the Choral Arts Society of Washington.

Heather is a graduate of Wellesley College and works in business process management for Envision.

Ryan McCarty

Allentown, PA | Baritone

Ryan joined The Capital Hearings in March 2018. Full bio and photo coming soon!

He is a former music director of the Princeton Nassoons and is an alumnus of the Princeton Glee Club, Chamber Choir, and Opera Company. He also performs with the Choral Arts Society of Washington and the The 18th Street Singers. As a composer, his works have won several competitions.

Ryan is a graduate of Princeton University and currently works as a technical consultant for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He also makes crossword puzzles that have been published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and elsewhere.


Mike Rowan

Ann Arbor, MI | Baritone, VP

Mike is The Capital Hearings’ music director. He was a co-producer on the ensemble’s first two albums, When The Night Is New (2017) and Opening Statement (2013).

He is a former music director of the UMich Dicks & Janes, and an alumnus of the Michigan Men’s Glee Club. He also performs with local choral ensemble The 18th Street Singers where he previously served as communications director.

Mike is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has worked in higher education and arts administration. He currently works at Chorus America, with previous positions at American University, Washington Performing Arts Society (WPAS), and as a Chancellor’s Representative for the District of Columbia Public Schools.

Leila Schochet

Princeton, NJ | Alto

Leila joined The Capital Hearings in March 2018. Full bio and photo coming soon!

She previously served as music director of the Middlebury Bobolinks and is an alumna of the Middlebury College Choir.

Leila is a graduate of Middlebury College where she majored in psychology, education, and Spanish. She is currently the Research and Advocacy Manager for Early Childhoold Policy at the Center for American Progress.


Dileep Srihari

Williamsville, NY | Tenor

Dileep is The Capital Hearings’ founder and served as music director through March 2017. He was producer of the ensemble’s first two albums, When The Night Is New (2017) and Opening Statement (2013).

He also performs regularly with the Choral Arts Society of Washington. He has been a featured soloist with Choral Arts on several occasions, including performances of Mozart’s Missa solemnis in C, Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, Bruckner’s Mass in E Minor, Gabrieli’s In Ecclesiis, Biebl’s Ave Maria, and MacMillan’s Seven Last Words from the Cross. He has also appeared as a soloist in concert series at the Library of Congress and at the Freeman Stage in Delaware.

He has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center, the Music Center at Strathmore, London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Pittsburgh’s Heinz Hall. He is also an alumnus of the Cornell University Glee Club and a member of its Alumni Board.

Dileep is a graduate of Cornell University and the Georgetown University Law Center. He currently works in telecommunications policy and was formerly a U.S. Senate staffer. In his spare time, he is The Capital Hearings’ webmaster and a Buffalo sports fan who is always circling the wagons for next year.


Fiona Vella

Dublin, Ireland | Soprano

Fiona joined The Capital Hearings in the spring of 2015. She currently serves as auditions coordinator.

She is a 2014 Yale graduate, where she sang with Out of the Blue and the Yale Glee Club. During her time in Out of the Blue, the group earned an ICCA semifinal victory and she served as music director, leading artistic projects from album recording to tour programming. She has performed in venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Berliner Dom, and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Fiona works in legal recruiting at an agency here in DC. Having transitioned away from the hectic world of corporate litigation work, she now convinces people to enter (or remain in) its orbit. In her free time, she is also an avid viewer of the Great British Bake Off/Baking Show, despite her proud Irish roots.


Kyle Whitaker

Duluth, GA | Bass

Kyle joined The Capital Hearings in October 2016. He is a proud alumnus of Elon University, where he studied English literature and sang with Twisted Measure, a coed a cappella group.

In 2015, he received a Fulbright grant and moved to Malaysia to teach English for a year. After deciding that one year abroad was plenty of time away from home, he returned to the States to pursue a masters degree in Student Affairs at the University of Maryland.

When he’s not in class or working as a graduate assistant, Kyle enjoys running in and around the DC area, attempting to play the guitar, and slowly but surely watching everything on his Netflix list.

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