Opening Statement

Opening Statement Cover

Praise for Opening Statement

“By merging classical and contemporary sensibilities, they begin to create a distinctly unified and truly refreshing sound…Displaying exceptional blend and balance, the singers effect an almost effortless grace that’s all too often lacking in over-processed contemporary a cappella.”

– Jonathan Minkoff, Recorded A Cappella Review Board (read review)

“Your interpretation…is superb and exquisite, full of warmth and colorful. The treble voices sound like echos from heaven.”

– Zhou Long, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer of Words of the Sun

“Everything about it was superb – the repertoire, arrangements, and of course, the sterling performances.”

– Norman Scribner, Founder and Artistic Director Emeritus, The Choral Arts Society of Washington

“The Capital Hearings were playing at a difficulty level much higher than I expected. This album jumps from genre to genre, alighting from modern jazz to alternative to classical without caring that these things often don’t go together…I was absolutely sold on the concept.”

– Sara E. Yood, Recorded A Cappella Review Board (read review)

“It’s beautiful, almost eerily perfect…a wonderful interpretation.”

– Joseph Gregorio, composer of City Trees

“The opening track, With a Lily in Your Hand…starts with that perfect and powerful chord, and acts as the perfect welcome for the rest of the album. I’m also particularly drawn to their cover of Yellowcard’s Light Up the Sky, as a demonstration of the group’s vocal agility.”

– Hypeli, Top A Cappella Albums – The 2013 Fall Edition

“The beautiful arranging and singing is bound to draw in listeners from every walk of life…Opening Statement is a joy to listen to and even has the ability to further your beliefs on what a group can vocalize harmonically.”

– Brian Alexander, Recorded A Cappella Review Board (read review)

Track List

1. With a Lily In Your Hand (Eric Whitacre)
2. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Manning Sherwin and Eric Maschwitz)
3. Earth (Imogen Heap)
4. Here Comes The Sun (George Harrison)
5. City Trees (Joseph Gregorio)
6. Blue Skies (Irving Berlin)
7. Doubting Thomas (Nickel Creek)
8. Timor et Tremor (Francis Poulenc)
9. Light Up The Sky (Yellowcard)
10. Words of the Sun (Zhou Long)
11. Lullabye (Billy Joel)
12. In the Still of the Night (The Five Satins)
13. The Road Home (Stephen Paulus)